Cheese Mold Website

On the website are presented all models of cheese molds available in the line of the company’s products Jandaplast Industrial Ltda.

Partner Jandaplast Industrial.
Partner Jandaplast Industrial.

In 2003, Jandaplast assumed the sector of cheese molds of the old Brasholanda company, manufacturing and commercializing all items, and developing innovations to the dairy sector. Administered by former employees of own Brasholanda, the Jandaplast maintains the same quality standards and seeks the best solutions for the complete satisfaction of all partners and customers.

We, of Éter 7 Rep. Com. Ltd., partners of Jandaplast since the beginning, make the commercialization activities of its entire product line, keeping in touch with clients, meeting their daily consumption needs, informing the news, and always listening to the market as a whole in the perception of trends and broad satisfaction of these customers.

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